Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aftershocks of SnoMG, or Why Crazy Pedestrians Will be the Death of Me

About two weeks ago now, we got about two feet of snow dropped on us in one weekend. The city shut down, trees fell from the weight of the snow, and snow plows didn't get everything dug out for about a week. In that time, we walked to the grocery store, missed three days of school in a row due to cancellations (a school record), and generally took a break. I still had work, but largely worked from home because the buses were unreliable.

During that time, we never once lost power. We had heat and gas and cable (and more importantly, internet)  throughout the snow storm and its aftermath. We were very, very fortunate. But today, as I was lying in bed sick as a dog with the heating pad and a huge glass of water, the power went out in the entire complex, and the nearby buildings. The Boy was in the shower, and got to finish his bathing by very romantic candlelight (and luckily had enough hot water left).

In our frustration, we decided to drive to our evening class, in case we needed to find a place to grab some free wireless, heat, and buy food after class in the event that our power was still out.

Here is where I will mention that, despite the roads being completely clear, some people still have not shoveled their walks, leaving a nice slushy combination of snow and ice on the sidewalks in some places. It can be a bear to get through if you're in a hurry, so some people choose to walk on the street in those areas, provided traffic allows.

So, it's nearly rush hour, and the Boy and I were headed to class on a very busy major thoroughfare. There was a city bus in front of us, and it was approaching its next stop. And out of nowhere, a woman in tall black heels RAN out into the street right in front of our car to avoid the snowy sidewalk without even so much as LOOKING at traffic. The Boy slammed on the brakes, honked, and we both yelled profanities warnings at the idiot frantic pedestrian. She never so much as turned around and acknowledged that she almost killed herself with our car. I was sorely tempted to roll down my window and yell not-nice things at her, but refrained.

My blood pressure had almost returned to normal when, at the stop after the incident, she GOT OFF THE BUS. She had run into traffic, nearly caused an accident and her own disfigurement to ride the bus literally 2 blocks. My blood pressure shot right back up, and I spent the rest of the car ride muttering offensive things under my breath.

This is why one day my head will explode. And why we can never have a "swear jar" in my house.

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  1. Those people drive me crazy!! Just because you are a pedestrian doesn't mean you have magic anti-death powers. My head would have exploded too.